Celebrity Spotting, Marc Marquez flies with his Vita

Didn't celebs used to help sell gadgets and games, just by being seen with them? Don't know what happened to that idea, instead we get horrific product placements like House of Cards and well-meaning but weak sponsorship like Agents of SHIELD. Anyway, here's a genuine celeb/racing legend (and he's only 20 years old), Spanish MotoGP championship leader Marc Marquez on a flight to the next round in Malaysia.

Hard to tell, but he could be playing some Moto GP from Milestone, which seems a bit like work-away-from-work, but hey, the guy is winning race after race for his Repsol Honda team. Hopefully a few of his 600,000 plus followers will see this and be interested in getting one? There is a MotoGP bundle for the Spanish market, any other local-interest products you know of?