BBC initiative announced to inspire digital creativity for future generations

Interesting, from the wider perspective. We've got a nation of wicked smart indie coders beavering away, and an army of younger gamers seeing smaller, narrow focused, games become hits, that they can follow the development of. But how to get more people into coding, specifically for games? We've seen the Raspberry Pi hit the scene, services like Code Academy, but they're presumably proving hard to galvanize the younger generation.

Do kids still know what the BBC is, or what it did in terms of computing history? Who knows, but its new Digital Creativity platform could do some future good for game coders in this country. Or, it could be yet another do-gooder box-ticking scheme that achieves nothing but keeping civil servants in jobs. Still, if Sony could throw some dev kits or mentoring support in the mix, who knows?

A beeb drone says: "Partnerships will be at the heart of this initiative, enabling the BBC to explore ideas and opportunities with the industry and help amplify their inspiring work in this area. The BBC will work closely with a range of local, national and international partners, across several sectors, including the government, educators and technology companies. Over the coming months, the BBC will share more on partnerships and the wider initiative, which will start to make an impact from 2015 and beyond."

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