Atlus joins in the Persona sales fun for Americans

Europe already has a sale on for the Persona PSP titles via Ghostlight, now Americans can get in on the act too, a PSN sale from Atlus for the three Persona titles plus a host of others is live to help you fill up your new 32GB (or 64GB card if you imported) with gaming goodness.

Class of Heroes Was $14.99, Now $7.49
Crimson Gem Saga Was $14.99, Now $7.49
Hexyz Force Was $14.99, Now $7.49
Kenka Bancho Was $14.99, Now $7.49
Knights in the Nightmare Was $14.99, Now $7.49
Persona Was $19.99, Now $9.99
Persona 2 Innocent Sin Was $19.99, Now $9.99
Persona 3 Portable Was $19.99, Now $9.99
Riviera Was $9.99, Now $4.99
Yggdra Union Was $9.99, Now $4.99