Vita gets a proper Phantasy Star adventure, gone Nova

Not everyone lives to play online all the time, so its good news that Sega and Tri-Ace have teamed up to offer a single-player Phantasy Star experience in the form of Nova. Not much in the way of imagery beyond a logo yet, but its good news that the Vita is getting a proper new game and not just a reshuffled or upgraded version of something that's already out.

The game is due out next year, and will feature some online play to keep the MP obsessives happy, but is blessedly a good-old fashioned single-player adventure. As an FYI, there are now over 650,000 players of PSO2... surely the most popular Vita title?


  1. please give us full detail of new model of ps vita 2000 or compare both ps vita,old & new..which one is best....

    1. See here, it'll be cheaper and lighter with better battery life (so more portable) but the screen might not be quite as brilliant


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