Atelier Meruru hits the PSN with extra content

Tecmo Koei's Atelier Meruru Plus: the Apprentice of Arland hit the PSN update yesterday, available as download only for £31.99, offering a decent update to the PS3 original.

 The game follows the story of Meruru, the princess of the tiny kingdom of Arls, on the northwestern border of the Arland Republic. Ever since she was exposed to alchemy by famed adventurer Totori Helmold, Meruru wanted to become an alchemist. With Totori’s guidance, she sets out to develop her home kingdom of Arls using the power of alchemy. On her way, Meruru encounters new adventures, obstacles, mysteries, and friends, and discovers what life is like outside the castle walls. How you choose to guide her through the advancement of her land will determine the final outcome in her tale.

Atelier Meruru is the third and final game in the Arland series. In addition to the RPG and simulation game system of becoming an alchemist, new elements of land development were added, providing a high degree of flexibility and hours of gameplay.
The Vita version includes brand new costumes, a new ending, powered-up boss battles, all DLC from the PS3 version (including 3 characters, stages, outfits etc), new illustrations, expanded gallery features and touch pad functionality. Additionally, save data from the previously released PlayStation®Vita title Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland can be used to gain bonus items.