Soul Sacrifice Delta announced for Vita, plus Final Fantasy X-HD bundle

Co-operative play will be a big feature in an updated version of Soul Sacrifice that will be out in March 2014. Alongside Save and Sacrifice will be a Neutral absorb power. That will likely ship with all the existing DLC plus new spells and powers. The trailer showed a lot more vertical space in the game and some awesome new levels and monsters. Keiji Inafune said that it more than just an update, with more competition between players.

Those wanting the new Vita model, will be able to get a Final Fantasy X-HD bundle with a pretty rear touch panel. All of this Vita activity is just as well, as Sony won't launch the PS4 there until February next year, giving Japanese thumb twiddlers a few more months of interest in the Vita and PS3.

More updates and images as they come in.