64GB Vita memory card announced alongside cheaper model

Sony at its pre-TGS event has just announced a new lighter version of the Vita, the 2000 model, which is some 20% thinner and 15% less fat. The price will be just shy of 19,000 yen (current Amazon Japan prices are 19-24,000 yen) with a cheaper LCD screen helping keep costs down and extend battery life. Expect sales of OLED Vitas to rocket, because who wants a less vibrant screen? 

There's also 1GB of internal memory for game saves, round start and function buttons that hopefully won't be lighting up all the time, otherwise it seems pretty much the same. It was shown off in a range of colours for a wider appeal. The good news is the arrival of a 64GB memory card and price cuts in Japan for the existing ones. If Vita sales are up 100% in Europe, Japan could easily triple that. The model is out on 10 October in Japan, no word on the wider world.