FIFA 13 Tops UK Vita Chart, how low can we go?

Of the 23 people who purchased Sony's PS Vita last week, I'm guessing nine of them picked up FIFA 13, propelling the game to the top of UK chart. Virtua Tennis, by being £6 in most places, clings on to the No. 2 spot, while last week's No.1 is cruelly shoved down to No. 3, possibly because every British Vita owner (all 6,009 of us) already has it.

The newest games in the chart have been out for eight weeks now and seem incapable of denting higher then the seventh or eight place, suggesting non-Movie LEGO tie-ins aren't all that hot and no one remembers Jak and that other fellow. While a few re-entries suggest that those 23 new owners have at least heard of Persona 4 Golden. I could publish the whole chart, but you'd lapse into a coma straight away.

Let's hope this Killzone game is a bit good :) and be thankful that Sony's indie push is paying off.