Atlus tweets Dragon's Crown sales' digital boost, most popular on PSNProfiles

With the physical sales in the bag in Japan, Atlus is happy to keep the news going with a total of over 300,000 sales across the PS3 and Vita including digital downloads. If only all firms were this forthcoming! That's about another 125,000 sales over the boxed copies for both formats, and probably equates to about 55, to 60,000 Vita sales bringing her up to 130,000 which is lot healthier sounding result.

Atlus also mentioned shortages at retail, so digital sales are skewed in this instance, but suggest that increasingly Media Create and Famitsu charts are looking increasingly out of date.

The game is already the most popular on PSNProfiles, approaching 8,500 players and the game isn't even out in the States until next week. Hopefully all these trends will continue then, and Europeans won't really be left hanging until November, just for minor language translations? If you can't wait the import is going for £45 on Amazon, may be cheaper elsewhere.