SuperIcon's Vektor Wars, loving vectors on the Vita

SuperIcon (Life of Pixel) is hard at work on Vector Wars, developed in Unity, it was announced last week and is confirmed for the Vita among other formats. Check out the dev blog link above for details, but its a little similar to Vektropolis, which seems to have fallen off the radar, and looks pretty spiffy.

From the early peek, it seems to offer a great-looking city to explore and engage in combat around, with bags of detail and effects that bring the old vectors to life. Throw in a bit of compelling story and plenty of action, and we should have a great game on our hands. 
From the post: "I used to love the old 80s style computer wireframe sequences and visual styling from movies like Escape from New York, Terminator, Tron - bright super saturated computer wireframe imagery. Also the classic early vector 3D games like Elite, Starglider, Mercenary & Battlezone - I spent many happy hours playing those games and I don’t think I’ve ever topped that feeling of immersion from exploring those early 3D worlds."

Check back later, the developers have promised some new screenshots and perhaps a video of the game in action, just for you!