Superfrog HD hopping to Vita this month

We've known its been coming for a long time now, but now we have some confirmed details from Team 17. It will be a cross-buy, cross-play title with LBP-style Vita play on the PS3. There's also those lovely Trophies and Leader board support.

Superfrog HD is out on the 31st July via the European PSN for just £6.49/€7.99. It features enhanced graphics, 24 new levels based on the original designs, 24 original levels that can be unlocked and more.

There's also an Endless Runner mode, Cross-Controller Support – Play on your PS3™ system using the PS Vita as a controller to gain an advantage as secrets are displayed on the PS Vita’s screen. Why not try going through one of the portals on PS3™ and watch as Superfrog is transported to a hidden area you can then access on your PS Vita!

If you were hoping for some Vita-based Worms action, it looks like the next game, Worms 3, is iOS-only. Which is a big shame, but it might spread elsewhere after launch.