Soul Sacrifice gets patched to v1.20, heavy on the multiplayer fixes

Here we go, for those still complaining about the issues with multiplayer, it looks like this patch should fix most of those problems.

Solo Campaign Updates:
New Fellow Sorcerer Chapter (Heretic Saviour)

 Multiplayer Updates:

  • You can now check players ‘Magic and Life level” from the online room list
  • Online room names can be longer
  • You may now change an online room’s settings from within the room itself
  • You will now receive a notification when you become the host in a new room
  • You may now check the pacts page from within an Online room, even if you are not the host
  • You may now check other players’ details even after readying for a quest
  • Added more quickly selectable phrases to use in chat during quests
  • The chat display will now open automatically when a joint cast spell or an area healing spell is initiated
  • In quest functionality: During quests, a compass will now display the general direction of enemies, allies, and archfiends
  • You can now skip the animation that plays at the start of a quest by tapping the screen
  • When a joint cast spell or an area healing spell is initiated, all players will be notified with an icon

Portraiture Changes:
• The “select offerings” menu layout has been changed
• A warning message will now appear when consuming boosted offerings in the “fuse offerings” menu
• You may now check offering rewards, in addition to the pact title and monster name, from the list of phantom quests. use the triangle button to toggle the info

• ”Sanctuarium” has been added as an entry in “history and myth”

• The version of the game can now be seen on the title menu
• Other minor changes have been implemented

Bug Fixes:
• Other minor bugs have been fixed