Set the date, Sony's Gamescom press event confirmed, what to you want to see?

After yet another E3 blow-off, Sony will be looking to make amends for Vita owners at Gamescom, but with a whole new PS4 and some unrevealed titles to show, it will be a tough act to juggle the needs of promoting three devices in the 90-odd minutes. Anyway, that date for your diary is Tuesday, August 20th, starting at 7pm Central European Time (6pm in the UK, 1PM EST or 10AM PST - I think).

Personally, I think a modest price cut is coming, maybe down to £129 in the UK with some bundle refreshes, or at least price cuts for memory cards. For games we'll see the new Assassin's Creed formally unveiled, a very quick peek at FIFA 14, maybe Shahid's "big title" and perhaps a few western announcements of Japanese titles, a couple of new 2014 games announced and a highlight reel of indie hits. Any more than that, and any longer than 8 minutes and I'll be surprised.

What do you expect/hope or want to see? Let us know in the comments.