Jeff Minter blogs on Tempest TxK for the Vita

Not long after a first showing of this re-visitation of Tempest 2000 off to Sony, Jeff Minter has written up a milestone blog post showing off his progress and packed full of some proper shots of TxK in action. Equate those images to the information that he's still pretty early in development and it looks like we could have something pretty special on our hands when the game is complete.

"I’ve been adding a lot of the framework upon which the rest of the game will hang, and at this point although there are only a couple of distinct enemy types at the moment there is already in place a few different levels, transitions between those, and the sequence of powerups that’ll eventually lead to warping through to the first Bonus Round."
With all the indie love the Vita is getting recently, with Kickstarter, multi-platform and many dedicated projects on the way, who needs AAA? Of all of them, this and Vektropolis are the ones I want most.