Indie monster grabbing game Collectems planned for the Vita

Only the press release to go on for this, but yet another fun sounding indie coming our way.

Today, indie game studio The Layabouts formally announced Collectems, a monster-collecting RPG. The goal of the project is to combine influences from classic RPGs with modern roguelike elements and a focus on player choice, exploration, atmosphere, and replayability.

UPDATE: Lots of hits coming this way as news source rediscover this game, a year from the original story, development is still in progress, with an update from March discussing the second hero, Aspen. Will check with the team and find out if there's an ETA.

Assuming the role of an adolescent in the relatively isolated Tamota Peninsula, players venture into a land where strange mutant creatures called Collectems have ravaged the natural ecosystem. Taken in as anything from household pets and workplace assistants to biological weapons of mass destruction, they captured the hearts of millions, becoming a full-blown culture-defining phenomenon. A fire at their father’s business, coupled with his mysterious disappearance, leaves the player responsible for a lifetime’s worth of debt. In order to pay back what is owed and rebuild the company, they set out into the world, using the unique capabilities of their Collectems to earn a profit.


  • Explore a variety of interesting locales in the order of your choosing, charting a path across this non-linear landscape.
  • Discover various different Collectem species of multiple types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enjoy a randomized experience each playthrough, where the layout of the environments and the location of different species, opponents, & loot are different every time.
  • Battle a team of carefully trained Collectems in strategic turn-based battles, where death is permanent and planning is key.
  • Allow your fallen Collectems to live on by infusing their DNA with those still alive, passing on moves, traits, and abilities.
  • Shape the strategy of your business as you see fit over the course of the adventure, investing money earned from battles to build new Collectem-enhancing facilities.
  • Customizable difficulty options allow you to differentiate individual runs through the game.

Collectems is being actively developed for PC, Mac, and Linux, with PlayStation Vita also being targeted. No plans for availability, release date, or additional platforms have been finalized at this time. Further details about Collectems can be found at the official project website, For any additional inquiry, visit The Layabouts at for contact information.


  1. Hey, thanks for the post. I'm the lead developer on this project.

    To just clarify a little more about the PlayStation situation - we're talking to Sony, but we haven't actually made a deal yet. I personally was particularly inspired by other awesome throwback titles on PlayStation platforms, like 3D Dot Game Heroes and Retro City Rampage, to approach Sony. We're definitely making it with Vita in mind, though, from the touch interface to the resolution of the game itself.

    1. Thanks for the update Zach, I hope you get plenty of feedback indicating a Vita version will be worth your time and effort.

  2. I'd like to see this on my PS Vita.


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