Here's that PS Vita summer campaign video in English as a price cut looms

Found this in various continental European languages a couple of weeks back, now its finally out in English, helping Sony promote the Vita as a summer-holiday essential for the kids with the mega bundle. Interestingly over the weekend, Sony's Annual Report suggested that a price cut could be imminent, saying.

"For PlayStation Vita, we aim to secure sales and profit growth through various hardware sales initiatives and the release of compelling software titles." Of course, that could just mean more bundles, but the comment found on page 10 of the report hints that at least Sony has some kind of plan.

The mega bundle is No. 2 on Amazon's best-selling Vita chart, not a difficult achievement, but isn't in the top 100 on the video games best-sellers, suggesting its not grabbing that much attention, or the campaign hasn't kicked off yet? Has any seen the ad on TV?