Gamasutra reckons UK Vita owners buy only 7,500 games a week

Based on estimated sales data for the first half of 2013, Gamasutra has put out numbers that suggest Vita owners buy only 7,500 Vita retail games a week on average, selling just under 200,000 copies of the likes of CoD, FIFA, AC3 and the other chart toppers in six months, games outside the top five probably sell only a handful.

Most of that is down to lack of releases, and with hardware estimates (from other sources) are put at around 2,000 units a week, that's pretty grim reading for any publisher looking to promote a Vita title. Which leaves Sony clinging on to this unannounced "big" third-party title that Sony's indie-God Shahid Kamal mentioned a few months back.

With no Bioshock, the remote chance of a GTA V Stories (and I mean remote), what else is left? Tomb Raider or Fallout? Even if you put in a high estimate for digital downloads (say 40%), Vita numbers make grim reading, and while Dragon's Crown might get some interest (bet the tabloids are standing by for some free hype), the chances of any one game "saving" the Vita is unlikely.