What retro games would you like on the Vita? SWIV, Klax, Captain Blood and more

Since the Vita is picking up a lot of indie and remake titles (Super Frog and Putty Squad for example),  I'd just like to add my small list of personal classics that I'd like to see get a modern airing. Which games from the 8- or 16-bit era would you like to see grace Sony's handheld?

SWIV - Amiga - While I still play Raiden on MAME a bit, few games satisfied that shmup itch like Silkworm IV (or whatever the title really stood for). An awesome mix of detail and weapons from the ST/Amiga days.

Klax - Atari Lynx - There's always room for more puzzlers on any platform and Klax, while perhaps a little simplistic in its original form, seems ripe for a modern makeover as you try to create the highest-scoring chains possible. (Just remembered this appeared in my original classics remake request article - so, yeah, would love it.)

Battle Isle 2 - Atari ST - Apparently Advance Wars is making a comeback on the 3DS, so why not drag the inspiration for so many of these battle games back into the modern age? Spent months fighting these wars and watching the cool 3D set pieces. Perhaps this or Activision's 3D Battlezone game.

Captain Blood - Atari ST - Oh, the musical memories of this little gem, they outweigh the gameplay so much I don't remember much apart from some hyperspace and lots of talking. However, if the developers are still out there, an offbeat adventure to counter all the serious Mass Effect like titles would be most welcome.

There's probably a few more buried in the depths of my brain or on top classics lists out there elsewhere.