Starlight Inception developer update, approaching alpha

The Vita's first Kickstarted game is nearing a state of rough completion according to the latest developer update which shares with us a look at the Destroyer fleet in orbit around Earth. The Escape Hatch team says; "we believe we are now at or just past declaring Alpha – a very important milestone for predicting whether we will hit Beta sometime in June/July."

Recent achievements include:

• All models represented in game (though some are still ‘greybox’ assets).
• All UI and UI widgets are accounted for and represented in some sense
• All levels are playable from beginning to end (though potentially missing some production elements that are accounted for (i.e. scripting for or specific objectives, final voicework and art assets)
• All voice and sound are accounted for
• Voice script is finished
• Localization is accounted for
• All single player modes are accounted for and functional
• All multiplayer modes are accounted for and functional
• All features accounted for and functional
• Game functions on all intended platforms
• All ‘Fly Patrol’ levels are accounted for and playable
• Ships can be configured for levels
• Equipping ships with extra equipment works
• Command Points and scoring systems are working first pass
• Trophies are working first pass