Guacamelee reviews coming in, hot stuff

IGN has up the first review of indie-smash Guacamelee, giving it a sturdy 9/10.
Sure, Guacamelee may be short – too short, in fact – but this gripe is, in the end, a compliment to its quality. It left me wanting more. Guacamelee is one of Vita’s best games, a top echelon PSN game for PS3, and DrinkBox Studios’ best effort to date. More, please.
PocketGamer is also on the case with a Gold Award and a 9/10
Within those six hours, Drinkbox borrows from the best - with the world design of Metroid, and the puzzle-led mechanics of Zelda - and also adds its own twist, with tricky platforming sections and intensely enjoyable brawling. Mash that all together and you get Guacamelee - stupidly enjoyable, utterly silly, and quite possibly the best game on the Vita.

Looks like a another solid indie performer to go alongside Velocity Ultra and the others.