Destiny of Spirits, the blandest game title ever?

Sony America has recently trademarked the name "Destiny of Spirits" for handhelds, which makes it sound like a Vita project in the works. It also makes it sound like the blandest RPG title imaginable, in the vein of some insipid JRPG rip-off. Looks like all the game sites are failing to spot the sheer horribleness of it all.

With Curve offering up a name-change competition for its upcoming Stealth Bastard (see previous story) you've gotta hope Sony comes to its senses and tried to think up something, anything, more emotive, inspirational and cutting than "bland of bored." Even the most soothing of easy listening albums would avoid a title so devoid of soul.

Why not go with the slightly crazed style of some Japanese titles or anything in the thesaurus. Picking the two most commonly used words in RPG titles (probably) really doesn't cut it.