Batman Arkham Blackgate screens and details

Game Informer has taken the wraps of the Vita and 3DS version of the next Batman game, revealed yesterday with its own story off the main game. There's a distinct look that reveals a complex layout deep in the heart of Blackgate Island Prison (talked about by Bane in the last movie) which is having its very own riot.

Enter Bats to restore order, wading into the 2.5D style carnage with plenty of power-ups along the way to spice up the action. Batman can move between the foreground or background to fight or avoid enemies, use the Batarang to move to high places and pummel a hefty line-up of bosses using the Freeflow combat system.

Extra features include a detective mode to better help you understand what's in a level, a Predator-like view can help you see where enemies are looing and there's a load of interactive scenery like breakable walls, hding places, chandeliers you can drop on enemies and more.

If you ignore the obvious question, why couldn't the full Arkham game be put across on the Vita? Then this looks like a fun- and action-packed second best, with loads to do and plenty to beat up.

So, do you think this is a worthy title in its own right, or is Warner short-changing Vita owners? I'll wait until I see the game in action, but I think it looks high-quality enough to do the job.