Vita protected by Sony as the Remote Play device for PS4

Gee, Sony folks are talking a lot today. Their latest nugget of wisdom comes from a Mike Denny interview with OPM, and explains why only the Vita will handle Remote Play from the PS4, despite some smartphones and tablets being equally or more equipped to do so. Its all down to the buttons is the simple answer.

Denny: So what we announced in terms of remote play was certainly for PlayStation 4 games to be played remotely via wifi access on your PS Vita. Because obviously the Vita is the perfect second screen in terms of the analogue sticks and buttons. We also talked about PlayStation apps and the ability to interact with your games via a smartphone and your tablet in different sorts of ways. Those may not be playing the full experience because the controls may not map that well we think, but certainly in a companion sense. So if its Drive Club, your viewing a race or a friend’s race and can set challenges and send them and receive them on a second screen.
Having just started enjoying remote play with God of War HD, this is good in many ways and also secures the Vita's lifespan for the five or six years any owner would hope for as it becomes part of the PlayStation family furniture for PS4 owners.