Sony should look to IGF for the hottest indie games

Earlier in the week, Sony announced a neat list of Indie games coming to the Vita. These are all good and noble efforts, and show Sony's commitment to adding to the Vita's roster. While some say the Vita needs more big games, that's true, but it needs a steady supply of small-to-medium gaming goodness in between the biggies, and these fit the bill perfectly.

But then along came the Independent Game Festival and just two of those Vita titles are among the 28 nominee titles (Hotline Miami and Guacamelee). Sure, we've got the likes of Machinarium (which is nearly five-years old) coming out very soon, but Sony needs to be a bit more on the ball, and these indie games are currently the ones generating news among gamers.

The other IDG look stunning, some are unique, heavily retro but all look impressive and well worth a shot on the Vita. Digital Spy has a handy collection of pics, but Incredipede, Intrusion 2 and Kentucky Route Zero all look like perfect Vita titles.

I'm not saying the Vita deserves any or all of these games, but if Sony is making the effort to reach out to the indie community, these are the guys it should be talking to. Anything else on the list you'd like to see on a handheld, or any other favourite indies you'd like to see make it over?

Sure, some of these nominees are a couple of years old (and some might be coming to the Vita but not yet announced). If the Vita is going to be an indie-hit-machine then Sony should be offering incentives right now.