PlayStation Vita sells 62,500 on first week at new price

Scratch that earlier story, according to the just-published Media Create sales figures the PSV sold 62,500 in Japan, likely the best week aside from the the launch. A combination of the price cut, Sega's Phantasy Star hitting retail and selling 61,000 units, despite being available as a free download, and two other Vita games in the top 20 make it a pretty rosy week for Sony.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (unboxing  video above) was the top selling Vita game with nearly 95,000 sales and good old Hot Shots Golf re-entered the chart as gamers stocked up on back-catalogue titles. The hardware number was just 15,000 behind the 3DS and we have Soul Sacrifice to look forward in Japan next week.

Shining Ark for the PSP sold 55,000 on debut while the scrappy older Sony handheld still managed to sell 11,000 units. That leaves it less than 250,000 from 20 million sales in Japan. Despite the bump, the Vita can still only dream of those numbers.