PlayStation 3 and Vita, together in perfect harmony

So, just six years after its UK launch, I've finally picked up a PlayStation 3. It makes sense to go alongside my Vita and PlayStation Plus subscription as I've got 10 games I can download for free right now, and the rest of its illustrious line up I can pick up on budget or will appear on PS+ over time.
I picked up a 500GB new slide-top model to store all those games, which have been downloading at top speed most of the day, but its a slow process with some 5-15GB a decent game plus patches. Note to self, download at night, play during day!

My first ports of call will be to test out Remote Play, LittleBigPlanet 2 has that feature and was the first game I went to download. Then to find some games with Cross Play multiplayer, I know WipEout does that, any others?

Anyway, my lil' ole PlayStation Family is now complete, and I'm now five-for-five on PlayStation console ownership. Just in time for the PlayStation 4 to arrive early next year, gonna be a crowded shelf. Pretty sure I won't be bothering upgrading my Xbox 360 or renewing my Gold subscription, not that they were in any way bad, just not as a compelling deal.