One-third of Vita game sales are digital claims Sony

Wow, as part of a big IGN interview, which revealed The Walking Dead on Vita to the world, Sony's PlayStation Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation (which is the biggest job title ever) Don Mesa also mentioned that 1/3 of Vita sales are from digital downloads.

Now I guess that varies by game and type (lets face it lots of Vita games ARE download-only, and he could be fudging the numbers with PSM, PSOne and so on) but if you could boost the pretty shoddy physical game sales by a third you might get numbers approaching respectability.

He's also talking about 100 games for the Vita this year, most of those seem to be indie titles (just look at the ratio of indie news to major developer stories on these pages). But its good to know a few major titles are awaiting their reveal.