Montezuma Blitz getting a big update

To fix a few annoyances, and jolly along the faithful still playing this free-to-play time killer, Alawar is releasing a patch next week to freshen things up. For a start time bonuses will be instantly awarded, not fly across the screen just as time expires, which is one of the game's most grievous flaws.

Others include:

Scratchcard will now wield higher winnings more often and, in addition to that, show what was hidden below the other squares which remained unscratched!
Easier process of levelling up for new players with a little bit more crystals for smoother ride up.
The flow of time will become more forgiving, with time bonuses being added instantly, and game being paused when no moves remain and the board shuffles.
From now on, you can switch the gravity off when you don’t want it to meddle with your game while commuting, and switch it back on when you need it.
Totems now work much faster - the next one activates right after you use the previous one.
New Ziggurat notifications are now removed from LiveArea, keeping it clean for posting new personal score records.
Never stop the combo: if the timer runs out, you will be allowed to finish the current combo before counting up the game results. Stack up crystals to get the multiplier twice as high as it was before.
More strategic options thanks to updated features of Crystal Score, Color Discard and Score Frenzy bonuses and Yellow Totem.