Big Sky Infinity gets a big, free, enemy-packed upgrade

If you were getting tired of procedurally generated shooter BSI, there's a new update out for the Vita and PS3 Cross-Buy game to keep things rocking on a little longer. With new enemies, bosses and other content, its a must have for the 200,000+ gamers who've tried it our already.

Read more about it on the VooFoo site, features include:

  • 3 new bosses – Giant Crab Boss, Meteor Ship Boss and Scrapyard Boss 
  • 2 new enemies – Trailer and Fogger 
  • 6 new black hole enemies – Vikings, Ninjas, Zombies, Pirates, Ghosts and Chaos 
  • 4 new events – Parallel Cascade, Laser Levels, Portals and Minefield