Big developer news: Unity Engine finally heads to PS Vita

The popular indie-favorite developer system, Unity 3D Engine is finally headed to the PS Vita (and PS4 and Gaikai). Many iOS and PC hits were developed with Unity and it has a huge user base among the developer fraternity. The only bad news is there won't be anything to play with for a few months, with the publishing switch not likely to be thrown until Autumn.

Deadtrigger from Madfinger is a good example of what Unity is capable of and the likes of Temple Run 2 and many other mobile hits were made with it. The prospect of the cream of mobile games available with proper controls is worth a pleasant thought or two.

Quite why Sony didn't get Unity on board earlier, given their claims of indie-friendliness is worth wondering? But this does mean Vita could be in for a spectacular second half to the year, if the right games and developers take an interest.