Velocity Ultra on video - getting Elite levels for top players

Not only is there a video showing off some of the Vita version, but a recent blog post on the explains a neat work around for one of the problems in the game. That being, that its possible for lots of players to be on the same score.

So, the developers have come up with the concept of the Elite Lounge for each level. The idea being that each level has a maximum number of points that can be achieved in that level, and once a player has reached that, they are put into the Elite Lounge for that level, but it gets better...

As they explain, "The Elite Lounge target will be organic though. We won’t set the targets ourselves, that will be up to players to explore the limits of each level, but there will be a limit that will be reached fairly quickly. The way this works is that once you reach the Elite Lounge Target, you will be added to the Elite Lounge, but if you manage to surpass the target, you'll set a new one, and all the folks that were in the Elite Lounge will be kicked out, and you'll be in there by yourself... until someone joins you or sets a new target."