Some simple requests ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch

Dear Sony, its obviously too late to change your almighty juggernaut launch just hours before the event, but I hope you had some common sense in among all the blue-sky meetings, strategising and so on.

PS4 Is Not A Revolution

Please don't start off by claiming to have made something God-like for us all to worship. Its a console! It plays games and media, that look a bit better than last-gen. That's it, don't fall for your own hype! Every executive holding up a shiny phone, tablet or pointing at a TV set at any recent launch event has looked a right idiot claiming it to be the "big new thing." And, waiting for the mass applause that never comes (or even worse, starting the clapping and hoping everyone joins in) just makes you look like a dick!

Don't Forget the Vita

Even if its only in some small, logical and useful way, you'd better have linked your two consoles. Otherwise, you will just have killed the Vita. If that's your intention then at least be man enough to say so, especially if phone and tablet support gets a bigger mention.

No Price Cut In A Year

Just sell the thing as cheaply as you possibly can to drive adoption and interest, trying to give things away is tough enough these days, if you over-price PS4 (in the eyes of the buyer) most of us will just wait until that inevitable price cut. If you start selling it for £300 or less, I hope everyone will recognise that there won't be a price cut and jump in early. 

Anything you'd like to say to Sony before Kaz leaps on-stage?