PSN EU Update, Persona and Ragnarok are here, plus Urban Trials

The joy of the web-based PSN store is you see things coming well ahead of the 3-4PM "going live" Vita update. So, this week, we have the absolutely must-have Persona 4 Golden finally arriving!

I'd have got Ragnarok too if it had arrived last year, but now I'd rather wait for Soul Sacrifice. As it is, Urban Trials is downloading right now after some solid early reviews. There's also the Sly Cooper demo which has to be worth a try.

Ragnarok Odyssey £24.99 1,144MB
Ragnarok Odyssey DLC (some free, some 79p)
Persona 4 Golden £34.99 3.2GB
Urban Trials Freestyle £6.39 (PS+ price) 175MB
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time demo
PSABR Super Costume Pack £11.99

Just order them off the PSN website and download them on your Vita from the Download List on the "..." menu in the corner of the PSN Store app. UPDATE: Remember that OMG Zombies is your free PlayStation Mobile game of the week.