Japan gets official Vita price-cut and lots of monster hunting

I think we can give up on any Monster Hunter game hitting the Vita game this year, but Sony has Soul Sacrifice, Phantasy Star Online 2 and the new Toukiden title to fill the gap, plus the tempting tease of an official across the board price cut.

Sony was also pushing ReaderStore, Torne, PlayStation Plus and other services at those who want more than just a gaming machine. The basic price for either the 3G or WiFi model (available in four colours, plus the upcoming silver model) is now around £140, but Sony is also throwing in bundles with a 32GB memory card for £175 to mitigate the high memory card price. The price-match also opens the way for an upcoming 4G premium model.

If those deals hits the west, I'd imagine we'd see a few more sales, but not until the arrival of some class-leading games will Vita really see much action here. Of course, if Sony and Atlus started marketing the best game of the year in Persona The Golden, out this week in Europe, that might generate some interest, but you wouldn't know it exists, outside of some recent reviews due to the huge release lag.