How does Sega get people to buy its free PSO game?

Sega has this problem in Japan, Phantasy Star 2 Online is free-to-play on the Vita and PC, but the company wants to make some cash up front. So, to tempt those who can't download it, or just like extra stuff, it looks like the boxed copy will come with a load of goodies.

Not only are there special costume sets and weapons to use in the game, plus cute library cards as above with stickers and soundtracks (more pics on Dengeki), but offers on items in the Sega Store ranging from cushions to mugs and more.

That should tempt quite a few players, given Japan's seemingly endless obsession with extra stuff, just hope some of the physical items make it into the western version. The boxed special version will cost 6,279 yen which is around £42.