Japan Vita sales up before the price cut kicks in

PlayStation 4 will stream games to Vita in native resolution

Little Big Planet Vita now £19.99 on PSN

Gravity Rush and Velocity grab PS Gamer's Choice Awards

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Pinball Table in action

Sega's Shining Ark gets a monster trailer

Persona 4 Golden tops Vita chart, fails to dent all formats

Soul Sacrifice scaring people on TV in Japan

See the Boba Fett pinball table in action

Dead or Alive 5+ gets some cheerleader support

Metal Gear HD free on PlayStation Plus for Vita next month

Rainbow Skies, sequel to Rainbow Moon, coming late 2014

PlayStation 4 and Vita to offer full remote play function

PSN EU Update, Persona and Ragnarok are here, plus Urban Trials

Some simple requests ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch

Shining Ark tops a good week for Vita/PSP games

Star Wars Pinball details out in force

Hotline Miami ringing up your Vita

Vektropolis and other indie games homing in on the Vita

In an age of blood and giant monsters, remember Sei Madou Monogatari

Falcom puts up a Legends of Heroes Vita graphics test

Sony celebrates the PSP and PS Vita ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch

New Soul Sacrifice trailer shows both calm and the storm

Ridge Racer goes free on Japanese PS+ God Eater Burst gets free Passport

12 months with my Vita, the cheap barmaid of portable gaming

Virtua Tennis 4 aces the PS Vita chart

Dragon's' Crown up for grabs on the Vita

Square Enix shows off Final Fantasy X HD on the Vita

Japan gets official Vita price-cut and lots of monster hunting

Ken Levine hints at big news today, Bioshock Vita anyone?

A Virus Named Tom heads to Vita via PSM

Dead or Alive 5+ shows its inner tiger in new video

Jetpack Joyride hits a million downloads on PSN

Velocity Ultra on video - getting Elite levels for top players

More Muramasa melee madness on video

Hungry Giraffe still starving, headed to your Vita for more

MLB 13 The Show shows off its Vita wares

See the Star Wars Pinball Empire Strikes Back table in action

Full PSN EU Update, live now, WipEout for free, lotsa little games

Dungeon Bandits raids PSM today

The run continues, PSP titles rating well in Famitsu

And next from Team 17, its Super Frog

Review: Let's Fish Hooked On!

Germinator just makes me want Puzzle Bobble back

Vita refresh model to offer 4G, HDMI and be cheaper?

When Vikings get DLC and Japanese goodies

Starlight's Midway concept art

Star Wars pinball screens, get your Boba Fett on!

Tecmo goes monster hunting with Toukiden

Soul Sacrifice, write the theme tune, sing the theme tune

Sly Cooper demo coming 20 February, try Bentley's Hackpack today

PS Vita nets Activision $23 million over the year

The gaming tablet, Wikipad ready for launch

Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki joins PSP's Best Of line-up

New Assassin's Creed game on the way, will Ubi deliver a Vita version?

Rocketbirds screenshots to ruffle your feathers

Sony sold 6.6 million Vitas and PSPs in 2012

Sega's new site, not the Sonic game?

Rocketbirds to storm the Vita next week

Ragnarok Odyssey EU demo out today shocker!

This week's free PSM is game is Aqua Kitty

Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time? That'll be the six week delay for the EU version

Star Wars Pinball (finally) official from Zen Studios

PS Vita birthday sale finally announced

Star Wars tables definitely coming to Zen Pinball 2

Namco slashing PSP/Vita PSN prices this week, worth fighting for

MGS Peace Walker to stalk the Vita soon?

Sly Cooper PS Vita vs. PS3 comparison

Guerilla Cambridge talks Killzone Mercenary

Asia getting a silver PS Vita to cut the ice

How does Sega get people to buy its free PSO game?

Starlight Inception drops a developer update and new art

EU PSN puts up a Vita first birthday sale

Madden calls foul on the PS Vita

Football Manager 2013 for PSP still selling well

Frozen Synapse Tactics to chill your PS Vita

Ultraman Star Chronicles packs in the masked heroes

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2+ new pics and weapons

Sly Cooper, the full animated short

Sony's PS4 launch needs one word, "integration"