Media Create figures show Vita sales on a roll

In the weeks before Christmas, the Vita was on a decent run (compared to its sub-8K sales in most weeks over the year) and has perked up again over the New Year. Media Create's latest figures show sales on the up for both the PSP and the Vita, although there have been few new Vita games to talk of in December.

Christmas Week
PSP – 41,914
Vita – 20,492

New Year Week
PSP – 54,873
Vita – 33,309

Hopefully this will continue in to 2013 as the handheld builds some momentum into the launch of Soul Sacrifice, Phantasy Star and a few others, but Sony and co. really need to boost the release list quickly to maintain any interest. Sure Kaz Hirai says Sony is in it for the long term, but that won't last if numbers don't pick up and stay up.

Of course, all things being equal the Vita is still being stomped by the 3DS which sold 300,000 in the latest week alone. And things are likely to resume normal service next week, now the holidays are over.