Firmware 2.01 now out, mandatory download

PS Vita firmware 2.00 brought a hefty bunch of changes to the system, and there were always going to be quirks, so here comes 2.01 to fix any late-braking bugs. Remember that the YouTube app is also now up to version 2.0.

I was just clearing out some older games, which was taking so long that I thought the Vita had crashed. I hope that version 2.1 speeds up file deletion, I don't like twiddling my thumbs when trying to clear up some space. Anything else you want to see in future versions?

Another odd thing they can fix, I got a group message from Sony, inviting me to join the PlayStation YouTube channel, and what does it do? Go and launch the web browser, instead of the app. How inane is that? Sony needs to tie up its apps better too.

And the thing the Vita needs most of all, a decent set of startup tones and an animation of some kind, even if only done on cold boot-up.