Weekend thought: Sony killing it on Vita memory cards

We might hate them, but Sony is raking money in with its Vita memory cards and will continue to do so. Perhaps one more reason why Sony is probably happier than we think about the Vita's overall sales. I picked up a 32GB memory card for my PC yesterday for £12. The same storage for the Vita costs around £58 on Amazon and almost all of that is extra profit for Sony.

With the PlayStation Plus offering now kicking in, existing owners on 4 and 8GB cards may well be looking to upgrade. That and the rush of new buyers will also drive these extra sales, helping to smooth over the previously weaker Vita sales. As long as the Vita struggles to sell, don't expect price cuts for the memory or third-party modules, they are a nice little earner for Sony.

Perhaps that's one reason why the Vita and PC Content Manager apps are so cack-handed. If it was easy to drag and drop whole games, save files and DLC between devices using WiFi, I'd be happy with the cheapest 4GB option Sony offers, instead its a slow nightmare and unusable expect for regular backups.

On an odd note, the Japanese Amazon site has slashed the prices of memory cards by around 18%, but they are only down to the level I see in the U.K. and the U.S., where a 32GB stick is around £50 (minus sales taxes).