PSN and PS+ Update for PlayStation Vita, just like Christmas

Yep, its the first PlayStation Plus PSN update for Vita owners and, if you don't own two of the biggest games on the platform, then get whopping and ready to download. Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Chronovolt and Mutant Blobs Attack are all free if you're a PS3 PSN subscriber or if you sign up for the Vita version. Plus there's an extra 20% off some other PS Vita titles.

Even if you're not on PS+, there's a whopping seven new games out this week across all prices, so there has to be something you'll want to play.

PS Vita
Price: £4.99/€6.19
File Size: 261MB

Jet Set Radio
Price: £6.49/€7.99 (Free Trial Version!)
File Size: 1.1GB

Lego Lord Of The Rings
Price: £TBC/€TBC (releases Friday 23rd for UK/IRE)

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Price: £29.99/€34.99 (releases Friday 23rd for UK/IRE)

Sine Mora
Price: £7.99/€9.99 Free Trial Version
File Size: 675MB

Price: Free
File Size: 201MB

Virtue’s Last Reward
Price: £29.99/€34.99
File Size: 1.2GB
Try the demo if you're not sure about this one, its well worth it. Check out the awesome reviews its getting.

PS Mobile
Arctic Adventures: Brain Freeze
Prices: £1.59/€1.99

Bullion Blitz
Price: Free

PES 2013
Price: £15.99/€19.99
File Size: 1GB

PSOne games
Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return
Price: £3.19/€3.99
File Size: 220MB

Jetpack Joyride
Price: £3.49,€3.99