PS Vita firmware version 2.00 video with PlayStation Plus news

Here's the official video of the new update showing off the stuff besides the PS+ content. It shows the likes of Jet Set Radio, Wipeout 2048 and others being added to the mix too. Plus 1GB of cloud storage for saves. There's also the long-awaited (mirth) email app, improvements to the browser, support for 1080p video files, even if it doesn't play at that res and more!


  1. This Update is by far what the PS Vita needs right now, Cloud sync is something i have been waiting a long time for. With Cloud Support PS Vita owners won't have to worry about losing their "Near" stats. What better way to show off your PS Vita then with a 1080p videos on the OLED display. Great job Sony in getting this update well formed.

    by:otic101 PSN Sharing Community


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