Persona 4 Golden reviews have the right stuff

All the excitement might be about the shiny new games for the Vita out last and this week, but its a remake of a rather old game that could be the best thing that ever happens on the handheld.

Atlus' western conversion of the hit Japanese game is racking up scores that Need for Speed, AC3 Liberation and Black Ops Declassified (don't expect scores for that one until some time after release, but its not looking too shabby) could probably only dream of.

Destructoid 10/10
RPGFan 96%|
GamrReview 9.2/10

There's an good read on the rise of Persona in the west here. The only pisser is the game isn't out in Europe until next year, leaving us with the choice of importing or tapping our watches (well, smartphone lockscreens) until the game turns up here. Interestingly its Virtue's Last Reward that has the best average scores of recent Vita games, with 89%, so perhaps big name games isn't the way to go this season.