Non-game gaming gift ideas for those struggling this Christmas

If like me, your Christmas list is games, games, extra controller, games and more games, then you might be annoying family and friends with this narrow list of options. If you want to add a little variety to your wish list, here are a few game-related items that might just be more palatable to them.

There's a CD of the greatest video game music played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra including Final Fantasy VII, Elder Scrolls, Battlefield 2, Metal Gear, GTA, Mario and, um, Angry Birds.

Love them or hate them, Angry Birds Star Wars will at least get you away from the TV for a while in the form of this Death Star Ballistic Piggie game.

I couldn't see any Vita-ish specific t-shirts, so this Trophy Whore one will have to do. And, finally, since they won't release the damn game over here (yet), why not enjoy some Hatsune Miku in all her pose-able glory?

That's my wish list sorted, come on relatives, anything other than socks and Lynx!