US PSN blog hints at some big God of War news on Monday

While everything is big in the God of War world, what could be on the cards for Monday's big news, as teased by the US PSN blog?
We just wanted to share that little tidbit for you to tide you over until next week. Hopefully it helps you make your decision on God of War: Ascension, so head over to pre-order here. We’ve got something big coming on October 15th, so be sure to come back and check the PlayStation Blog Monday afternoon and see what it is.
It might just be another new mode to go alongside multiplayer on the next instalment, it could be a Vita collection of the original or the PSP games, or it could be a whole new adventure just for the Vita. Remember Yoshida was hinting at there being some unannounced Vita games in the pipe, could that be one of them. Check back Monday for the final word. Love that collector's edition though!