Pure Chess getting a free Battalion set and DLC soundtrack

In case Pure Chess slipped off your memory card, the game is still going strong with updates, the next one of which will be free to tempt you to reinstall, or buy the game if you missed it at launch (review). VooFoo Studios and Ripstone are giving DLC set "Battalion" for free for both PlayStation3 and Vita.

Recent paid sets have included Forest and Roman themes, all of which look gorgeous. The name of the new set was picked via a Twitter competition and the new content coincides with the release of the official soundtrack. Pure Chess enthusiasts can now listen to the beautifully calming sounds of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Satie to relax your mind and keep your head in the game, for just £3.99.

The patch has improved gameplay and added the ability to challenge a player from a ranking board to a game of play by mail.