Nihilistic tweets Vita Black Ops and mentions Resistance Patch

In a mammoth Twitter session, Nihilistic went through a lot of the Vita Black Ops weapons and features, and what's missing. For instance, there's no holographic gun sights due to the time that the game is set in. They also mentioned a Resistance patch will appear before the new game ships, and any requests for Zombies, DLC and future patches or DLC have to go to Activision (and will largely depend on sales).

What we won't get is killcam, the ability to pick your teams but there is Auto-run. Also, you won't be able to remap controls off the touchscreen. The confirmed MP maps are: Nukehouse, Shattered Range, Rocket, Container and Intel. A final nugget, in response to one question, Nihilistic says the U.S. version of the Black Ops has gone gold, not long to wait!

Weapons include: Carbine (aka Commando), AK47, M16, Gali,l M14, FAMAS, MP5K, Uzi, AK74u, PP19, RPK, M60, Stoner, l96a1, Draganov, Stakeout, SPAS-12, Striker, ASP, Python, Scorpion, CZ75, Mac11, Strella, China Lake, RPG Launcher, Underaction Launcher, Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, Tomahawk, Frag Grenade, Semtex, Bouncing Betty and Flashbang.

Weapon attachments are: Weight Balance, Improved Grip, Adjustable Stock, Quick Draw Handle. Extended Barrel, Tactical Knife, Bipod, Underaction Grenade, Extended Mag, Supressor, Rapid Fire, Red Dot Sight and ACOG.

Finally your perks are: Sleight of Hand, Lightweight, Hardline, Jammer, Cold Blooded, Fast Hands, Hard wired, Toughness, Dead Silence, Flak Jacket, Surplus and Marksman.

For a portable, that's a decent amount of content, certainly something to look forward too. But, since no new screens were shown off or put up, we'll have to hope the game has improved on the early shots after the developer's recent paint job.


  1. Im no COD fan boy but I enjoy the series as much as i do games such as battlefield. I really hope they do this well. We need people to buy VITA's and this is a system seller like it or not. Call of Duty is here to stay.


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