Need for Speed: Most Wanted reviews out, any for the Vita version?

The big sites are going live right now with their reviews of Criterion's big NFS title. With the Vita version claimed to be almost the same as the big boys, we should be able to take cues from these reviews as to how good it is.

NowGamer 9.5/10
CVG 7.5/10
IGN 9/10
EuroGamer 8/10

No sign of a Vita dedicated review yet, but will update as scores come in. Ahh, here they come:

PocketGamer Silver Award - "An extremely impressive handheld version of a console hit, but one not without some serious compromises. Still, it's one of the best racers of the year and it's in your pocket. Can't complain"

Weseeinpixels 8/10 - "This is by far the best looking title on the little console, the best racer and a no doubt must buy for anybody looking reignite their love of the Vita."

GamerSciz 8.9/10 - Good graphics, fun addictive gameplay and having different race types keeps things fresh not to mention it's a living breathing true open world.

TheVitaLounge 5/5 It’s a near perfect amalgamation of both the Burnout and Need for Speed series, Criterion have simply outdone themselves and set a massive bar from which not only racers, but all Vita games will now have to compare to. This is what the Vita can do. 5/5