More unannounced Vita titles to come - Yoshida

Sony's worldwide studio boss and top tweeter (@yosp) Shuhei Yoshida mentioned in an interview with Famitsu, that there are a few still unannounced Vita games. The obvious question is what are they? The slightly more pragmatic question is when will they be announced?

Sony still owes us another Gaming Heaven event, from the one that never materialised in the summer. But if they're all Japanese games, then its unlikely to excite the western market given the poor rate at which they make it over here.

What might happen is Sony will ship all the big winter games (ACIII, BloPs and so on) and then hold an event later in the year to unveil its 2013 line-up. What that will include is your guess, with the perennial favouites likely to top of everyone's list.