Uni indie game Bounceback hitting PS Vita

Bounceback was supposed to hit the PSN update yesterday, but I can't see it on PSN or mentioned by Sony. UPDATE: Searching for the game should find it, the developers are checking with Sony to see why it isn't visible (varies if you're using PSP, Vita or PS3).

When it does arrive, this is a student developed PSN mini. A platform/puzzle game similar to classic puzzle games like Lost Vikings (or more recently Trine) which require you to use the abilities of different characters to solve puzzles that prevent you from reaching your goal. The ultimate aim of Bounceback is to return the main character home, by getting him to ‘bounce back’ all the way to the moon. Lanos (as he is known) may appear to be a bouncy toy ball, but his origins are actually not from this planet at all.

Each level contains a number of ‘Bounceable’ pickups which gradually restore Lanos’ bounce until he can launch himself right out of the current level and onto the next. A light-hearted back story unfolds as the hero encounters a range of environments and collects an entourage of friendly characters whose specialist abilities can help him in his quest. This includes Puff the balloon, Boom the explosive and Splash the water bomb along with a race of alien robots called the “Tri-hards” who can adopt the skills of any other character, more details here.