Set your alarm clocks and get ready for Tokyo, big Vita news afoot?

Sony's Tokyo Game Show event takes place at 5AM U.K. time tomorrow. While a new, cheaper, PS3 is likely to be the most talked about event, rumours scuttling around suggest Sony has a few new Vita titles to unveil. Check out Sony's TGS site here, use the Nico Nico link at the bottom to watch the show live tomorrow.

We'll certainly see the likes of Phantasy Star Online 2 running on the Vita, but as for all-new announcements, who knows? Capcom, Sega and Atlus could all be partners with new things to show, and Sony will have its own cards to play. But, as we've seen with Hatsume Miku and other big Vita releases, it needs a flood of games rather than a trickle, so if there isn't a rush of news, don't expect those sales figures to rise anytime soon.

What do you want to see, out of the event?